Specialty Projects

We will make and install any custom plaques, entry stands, sculptures, finials and lighting adornments you feel would best compliment your property.

Discover all the possibilities of seeing your own creations come to life before your eyes. Your projects do not have to begin by browsing through extensive galleries of pre-made designs. At Grand Entrance we work with your personal ideas to deliver a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, created from your very own imagination and designs.

We give you the task of dreaming; we’ll take care of bringing the design to life. Please visit our photo gallery to see more of our proud creations.

Smiling Patient

One such client recently presented us with quite a specific request; a wrought iron entry gate with a completely natural appearance. With hand-worked wrought iron sprayed the soft color of bark we were able to create the custom tree branch design complete with ornamental wrought iron cardinals and hummingbirds. Pass through the intertwining branches where birds flit playfully from limb to limb and see how a gate can be more than just an entrance to a home and be a truly magnificent work of art.